Virtual Suns – in between 002-021

18 boxes are repeatedly newly reassembled. In each box,
the sun shines through an LED that reproduces 98% of the sunlight (in the visible range). A Fresnel lens – originally invented for lighthouses, now often used in screens – bends the light rays, creating the 3-dimensional illusion of a luminous sphere that changes depending on the viewing angle. The light temperature is that of sunset, the rays parallelised, creating an atmosphere that invites you to relax and bask in the sun.

The 18 suns are disguised as transport boxes, are sun-to-go/ takeaway suns, are man’s attempt to control what has made us become.

In each new space, in each new exhibition in constant flux, the modularity of this work ensures that it is always adapting, always taking on new forms, still able to surprise the tenth time.

At first the suns hung on a wall, arranged in a circle or cross, once by large windows, once in the cellar. Then they became a wall themselves, a horizon without a sky, always setting suns in front of a salt desert. Then they were the way as they are transported, as if put down and never picked up. At last they have become a pillar, from the surface, via the horizontal and the square, now to the vertical.

Wood, Electronics, LED, Cable, PSU, Aluminium, Fresnel lens, 250 Half White Diffusion; 30 x 24 x 28 cm each; 2022

On view at Bunker at Kaiserdamm, for the exhibition “Hyperlink”
On view at the University of the Arts Berlin, for the annual Rundgang
On view at the Verwalterhaus, for the exhibition “Diagonale/4 Transfinity”
On view at Feldfünf, for the exhibition “/wieviele”
On view at Modus Architektur
On view in the film “Hooligan”
On view at BenzinLab / LSH4 for the exhibition “fuenfzehnsonnen”