SUDO rm -rf * v1

Spiritual sacrificial ritual in the technological age.

A semiconductor chip is switched to operate as an oscillator, generating a signal that is amplified to the speaker.
During the ritual, the voltage is slowly and steadily increased with the help of a motor and pulley system
until the semiconductor chip is destroyed by so-called “overclocking”. In about 50% of the cases, the chip goes up in smoke.

Due to the increased and changing voltage, the oscillations of the semiconductor chip change. Since all components of the circuit are linked, the whole system oscillates with the chip.

This setup allows to listen to the process of destruction of electronics.

The ritual is held as a performance, and is based on pre- existing religious practices.

PCB, Electronics, Motor, Loudspeaker, 3D Print Polylactic acid; ø30 x 10 cm; 2020