Rain machine v01

In cooperation with Nils Blau

Reproduction of an experience of rain.

The box contains two water tanks whose water is poured over ceramic shards at half-hour intervals. Due to the
low firing of the ceramic, it soaks up with the water and produces a tinkling sound that mixes with the splashing of the water. The ceramic shards were previously stored in soil for several days, and together with the wood of the box, which is also soaked in the process, emit the smell of rain.

The spectators can put their ear to the holes to listen to the sensitive sound.

After the sound and scent emission has stopped, a drying process starts to make the ceramic shards absorbent again.

The work is available only every half hour.

Ceramic, Electronics, Pump, Wood, Concrete, Water, Plexiglas, 3D Print Polylactic acid; 210 x 260 x 40 cm; 2020