“Glitterporn” at the touch of a button.

A box with a button attached to the wall. When the button is pressed, the box responds with a loud, happy sound that echoes through the room, as well as wiggling back and forth from side to side and lighting up two lights. Once the sound file is played, the box returns to its resting position. It is possible to press the button as many times as you like without the same sound being heard twice in a row.

The sounds are inspired from the sound design of manga and meme scenes.

The term “glitterporn” describes the media phenomenon of gratuitous saturation and sensationalism to satisfy a gawking audience.

Sound Design: Hilde Wollenstein

3D Print Polylactic acid, Electronics, Loudspeaker, Motor, LEDs; 20 x 12 5 cm; 2020