for you – personal myth

Volumetric light projection that can be viewed only one at a time.

In the wall there is a structure that allows to produce an actual three-dimensional light projection. A gold-plated disc is rotated at high speeds, capturing the reflections of two light bulbs rotating every second on a hand hammered parabolic aluminum shell.

Only a small hole in the wall allows viewing of this work. Due to the relatively deep placement of the hole, the viewers are invited to get into a kneeling position to look at the work, thus assuming a humble posture.

The inconspicuous placement in a corner allows viewers to overlook or discover the work, and is intended to foster a one-to-one experience between human and artwork, as well as a sense of witnessing a mystery/something divine.

Aluminium, Wood, Goldleafs, Motors, Light, Color Gels, Electronics; Dimensions variable; 2019